DCS Minutes 10/26/04

Thomas England House, Smyrna

Attendees - DCS members; Drs. Bryan Errico, Trent Camp, Michael Elrod, Ray Polaski, George Schreppler, Brian Chandler, Hal Bowen, Marjorie Mackenzie, Todd Richardson, Roger Allen, Ken Decker, Michael Triglia, Chris Gilholm, Kevin Murray, John Mahoney, Dave Briggs, Stacy Cohen, Bradley Meier, Matthew McIlrath, Justin Dietrich, Jeffrey Cheskin, Tara Whelan, Tamara Blossic, Tyson and Jessica Bohl.

7:30 meeting was called to order by Brian Chandler. Treasurer report: $00.00 balance $18,000 PAC fund totally disbursed, approx. $500 general fund balance

Drs. Chandler and Elrod encourage consideration of spending money for a advertising promotion of chiropractic throughout the state, including print, radio and possibly TV. It will be discussed and brought to a vote during the next few meetings. Dr. Elrod discussed his desire to improve the DCS website to reflect a more professional appearance and to improve the ability to input information. Also to allow members limited access to post information directly. Estimates range from $1,500 - $10,000. The more that is spent, the more the website will do.

Nominations for DCS officers will be held during the Nov. meeting with elections held in Dec. Dr. Brian Chandler was nominated and voted in as our new president unanimously.

Stacy Cohen said after meeting with Dr. Kaplan of BC/BS, they require patient be seen by primary care physician (PCP), unless MBNA employee. PCP can FAX a form to BC/BS for referral approval. Dr. Cohen also presented information regarding "Operation Warm". A program to supply new winter coats to the needy for a $10 donation. Visit OperationWarm.org or call 1-800-730-WARM for more information.

Scot Chambers, legal counsel for The DCS will present a mini-seminar at our next meeting -- "Getting Paid" will discuss letters of protection, liens, dealing with insurance companies etc... This will continue our newly established continuing ed/relicensure credit program for DCS members.

Dr. McIlrath volunteered and was confirmed as the Chairman of the membership committee, charged with encouraging new members to join.

Dr. Camp encouraged those in attendance to volunteer their time to their local legislators, to make calls, ferry people to the polls and whatever else might be needed.

Delaware Open MRI and Dr. Edell presented a continuing ed/relicensure mini seminar for DCS members.

8:00 meeting adjourned

next meeting Tuesday 11/30/04

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