DCS Minutes 09/28/04

Thomas England House, Smyrna

Attendees - DCS members; Drs. Bryan Errico, Trent Camp, Michael Elrod, Ray Polaski, George Schreppler, Brian Chandler, Hal Bowen, Harry Heck, Lynn Walsh, Andrew Riddle, Marjorie Mackenzie, Todd Richardson, Roger Allen, Adam Maday, Ken Decker, Tyson and Jessica Bohl.

7:30 meeting was called to order by Brian Chandler. Treasurer report: $12,028.79 PAC fund, 8,170.90 general fund

Dr. Camp introduced Senator Amick. Senator Amick asked for support as his voting district has been redrawn losing many of his supporters. A e-mail will be sent with contact information.

As the alternate ACA delegate Dr. Bowen announced the filing of a amicus brief in support of The ACA and VA Chiropractic Association's petition to the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn the lower court decision in the Trigon case. Amicus briefs, or “friend of the court” briefs, demonstrate to the court that the issue has interest and consequence that goes beyond the ACA, the Virginia Chiropractic Association and the plaintiff patients and doctors that filed the lawsuit. He made a motion for The DCS to show support, pending review of the wording of the amicus. It was seconded and passed. The wording will be dispersed to the membership upon receipt.

DE BC/BS has adopted a policy of requiring primary care physician's referral and submission of their treatment notes prior to treatment by chiropractors. Announced in a FAX dated Sept. 2, 2004 and received Sept. 14. A letter on DCS letterhead was sent to Dr. Kaplan the medical director for BC/BS, requesting open dialog. The letter was sent 9/27. We'll await his reply.

Legal counsel, Scott Chambers reported the amicus we filed was avoided by The DE Supreme Court.

Meeting adjourned, lecture presentation for continuing ed credits began.

next meeting Tuesday 10/26/04

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