DCS Minutes 9/23/03

Thomas England House, Smyrna

Attendees - DCS members; Drs. Bryan Errico, Michael Triglia, Stacy Cohen, Trent Camp, Hal Bowen, Michael Elrod, Jeff Cheskin and Tara Whelan. Non-members; Drs. Peter and Julie Shmitt, Kevin Murray, and Mike Schierl. DCS legal counsel Scott Chambers was also present.

7:20 meeting was called to order by Trent Camp Dr. Triglia, treasurer, reported $6,455 in the general fund and $2573 in the PAC fund. Dr. Cohen announced a profit of approx. $1800 from the DCS sponsored continuing ed seminar. Trent announced Dr. Schreppler was visiting a sick friend in the hospital

Old Business -

Reading and approval of minutes from last meeting.

7:30 Secretary's Report - Michael Elrod gave "stats" of website visits and made available web address for members to access stats, by hour, day, week and month. http://www.dechiro.com/wwwstat/log.html#index
Dr. Cohen suggested moving the "find a member" button to the top of the list of links. Dr. Elrod agreed it would be done. It was suggested, voted on and agreed that Elrod would pursue sponsors for the DCS website -- membership approval is necessary prior to approval of any sponsor. Members in attendance agreed billboards were a good thing and would most likely be done again. Dr. Bowen suggested replacing "chiropractor" with "Doctor of Chiropractic". Dr. Camp said wording would be addressed when program is considered in the future.

New Business

7:45 Scott Chambers reiterated filing of Amicus Curiae (friend of the court) oral arguments to the Supreme Court of Delaware -- set to occur in Oct. but he wasn't sure of the date.

8:00 Dr. Cohen and Scott Chambers were assigned the job of creating a DCS sponsored seminar on "How to Testify in Court". There was discussion as on how to make this mandatory, most present felt it couldn't be enforced but agreed it would be a good thing to encourage all DCs to attend. Scott Chambers said The Delaware Trial Lawyers Assoc. would strongly support this seminar. Discussion was held regarding the "certification" earned by attendance. Further discussion was agreed to.

8:20 No Board news was entered, Errico is no longer on the board

Peter Shmitt asked about BC/BS co-payments and was answered by Hal Bowen. It was a "State cost-savings decision and NOT done by BC/BS". An advisory council was formed and public hearings will be held. Other states limit co-pays to no more than 50% of doctor's charges and this was an issue we were investigating.

Trent Camp suggested nominations for officers be opened now and voting to occur sometime in early December -- more details at the next meeting, tentatively scheduled for 10/23/03.

8:30 meeting adjourned

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