DCS Minutes 04/06/04

Thomas England House, Smyrna

Attendees - DCS members; Drs. Bryan Errico, Michael Triglia, Trent Camp, Michael Elrod, Ray Polaski, Mary Beierschmitt, George Schreppler, Joe Irwin, Brian Chandler, Garrett Herring, Jeff Cheskin, Tara Whelan, Ken Decker, Justin Dietrich, Stacy Cohen and Hal Bowen. Insurance Commissioner hopeful MattDen, invited by VP Brian Chandler, spoke briefly (comments below). Jane Francisco, advert. exec. from ComCast television spoke briefly and handed out suggested outline of advertising campaign. DCS legal counsel Scott Chambers was also present.

7:30 meeting was called to order by George Schreppler. Dr. Triglia, treasurer, reported $ in the general fund and $ in the PAC fund. Triglia went on to say he was the ICA state rep. and would be in Wash., D.C. April 29th & 30th for ICA Legis. Day. Let him know of any issues to raise.

George Schreppler introduced Insurance Commissioner Hopeful, Matt Denn who made the following points.

previous legal counsel for Gov. Minner, practicing in Wilm., got Pt. Bill of Rights legislation passed, "law weighted toward ins. companys", wishes to help consumers and providers, insurance claims denied - insurance companys determine what is a "clean claim" Denn hopes to change similar to Texas Law which requires "pay claim first, then review" will save money. Denn went on "there has been no real advocacy for consumer, current Commissioner has brought no legal action against any insurance company during their term (10 years+/-). DE has 6th highest auto liability premiums in the Country and less than average settlements (fluctuates between 23rd and 28th). Delaware's juries ranked #1Conservative Jury by Chamber of Commerce, one reason being such small awards. George Schreppler asked about co-payments. Triglia suggested a Chiropractic Advisory Board and Matt Denn said he would be eager to see that happen.

7:50 Jane Francisco gave handout explaining TV advertising plan sugested budget of $12,740 as follows -- 30 30:00secs. spots per week, per 3 zones, for 13 weeks, equals 390 total commercials per zone. Total of 1,170 commercials for all 3 zones. $10.90 per 30:00sec spot total (plays 4.25 avg. times per day per zone - min. 20% in prime time). Production costs not included, estimate of $500-$1000 given by Francisco. Triglia will check with ICA and ACA to see what they have available. George questioned our budget would hold such a venture. Hal Bowen and Stacy Cohen questioned return on investment, tried 20 years ago with 1-800 number, not positive of results. George pointed out the necessity for PAC monetary support of and "personal-contact" with legislators. TV will be discussed at next meeting.

Old Business

Reading and approval of minutes from last meeting.

8:10Governor's Dinner was last meeting. The Governor shared her time without hurry.

George went on to thank Drs. Bowen, Cohen, Camp, Blossic, Elrod (for the wonderful "Chiropractic Efficacy and Efficiency" full color 20 page booklet he put together in record time!) and others for their work with The State's Benefit Committee.

Bowen gave credit to Ruth Ann for helping change the viewpoint of the State's Benefits Committee. George suggested the patient telephone calls also helped. Bowen points out benefit of political support.

Worker's Comp issues are coming -- don't want what PA has. Status Quo is not a bad thing, many states are losing. PAC money is important, DCS is gaining recognition and needs to keep moving in that direction. George suggests $25-$50 to local Reps helps with their election expenses.

New Business

8:30 Trent Camp said Continuing Ed credits will be offered to DCS Members beginning in July (current licenses expire 6/30/04) at the conclusion of DCS meetings, lectures of 2 hours (i.e. 7:30-9:30) will result 2 hours CE credit (24credits/2 years req.)(NOT approved for other states) Lectures will include, diagnostic imaging, w/comp issues, jurisprudence and have Special Guests such as Pat Gentempo. Trent encouraged suggestions of speakers.

Dr. Joe Morgan, State Medicare representative, reported Medicare denies 40% of claims from Delaware. Subluxation primary DX., notes should reflect "functional improvement". Approved DXs. www.trailblazer.com (unconfirmed weblink)

8:50 No Board news was entered.

Scott Chambers said nothing is pending.

George pointed out 4 upcoming important fundraisers -- Roger Roy (R - 20th dist) "Derby Day" 1st Sat in May, Delaware Park $65(?)/ticket -- Dick Cathcart (R - 9th dist) "Truck Races" Dover Downs, June 4th $65/ticket -- Bethany Hall-Long (D - 8th dist) Thomas England House May 6th -- Bill Houghton (importantD - 16th dist) date TBA

next meeting Tuesday 5/11/04

9:00 meeting adjourned

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