DCS Minutes 3/20/03

Thomas England House, Smyrna

Attendees - Drs. Bryan Errico, George Schreppler, Michael Triglia, John Boyle (Phila.), Lenny Kostow, Scott Rosenthal, Jeff West, Greg Zweiacher, Karen Feeney, Kevin McDermott, Ron Sagesse and Michael Elrod. Our guest speaker Dr. David Jackson and his associate Mr. David O'Dell. Others might not have signed in.

7:10 meeting was called to order by George Schreppler Dr. Triglia, treasurer, reported $xxx.xx in the general fund and $xxx.xx in the PAC fund. Dr. Schreppler announced Senate Bill 2 signed into law by Gov. Minner Feb. 21, 2003

DCS sponsored events

· Legislative Reception - Thursday, April 10th, Smither's Pub, Dover, after session· Governor's Dinner - Thursday, May 8th, Dover Sheraton, 6-9:00 Invitations sent· Cont. Ed. Seminar - May 17 & 18th, DelTech Wilmington, Sat 9-5, Sun 9-1New Business -

Fundraisers - support our friends, Roger Roy, longtime friend (Derby Day, Delaware Park), Bobby Quillen, Schwartz Center, Dover April 1st, and Bill Houghton - if unable to attend in person (which is important) send checks! Contact George Schreppler or Trent Camp for particulars. We had good success passing SB2 but we should/need to continue to maintain our support of these legislators. "Smokers Bill" seems to have public support to allow smoking in casinos and bars.

7:30 Secretary's Report - Michael Elrod reminded attendees of website updates (www.Dechiro.com) and new member access only section which will contain, pertinent info., research articles and more. Any member having access problems contact Elrod. Elrod announced dual idea of his and Trent Camp's plan to market DCS throughout the state utilizing billboards and possibly radio. The intention is to drive the public to the website, where they can "locate-a-doc" - major benefit of membership. Trent Camp also has some ideas regarding life insurance and how to make DCS a self-sustaining entity through a type of trust. He will introduce more info at a upcoming meeting. Elrod suggested sending a "care package" to the troops containing Bio-freeze, supplements, vitamins or other "chiropractic related" articles labeled with DCS logo, expressing our support - notify media outlets for "Public Relations". Elrod raised the issue some doctors want their "multiple office locations" listed on the website, brief discussion occurred and will be voted on at the next meeting.

7:45 Introduced Dr. David Jackson, President Chiropractic Leadership Alliance (CLA)

9:25 Members agreed to have next meeting coincide with the Legislative Reception 4/10 Smither's

9:30 meeting adjourned

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