DCS Minutes 2/20/03

Thomas England House, Smyrna

Attendees - Drs. Bryan Errico, Gary Morgan, Trent Camp, George Schreppler, Ken Decker, Allen Foster, Michael Triglia, Gregory Serge, and Michael Elrod. Scott Chambers also attended.

7:50 meeting was called to order by Trent Camp Dr. Triglia, treasurer, reported $25,080.16 in the general fund and $998.79 in the PAC fund. A motion to pay DCS bills as received was seconded and passed.

7:55 Secretary's report - Michael Elrod announced paid membership is approaching 50, various website updates (www.dechiro.com). Sent more than 100 e-mails announcing opportunity to become a "website sponsor" to both large companies (i.e. NCMIC, Foot-Levelers…) and some smaller companies as well. There has been some interest and requests for more information. If the members deal with any supplier that is interested in becoming a sponsor, contact info@Dechiro.com for further information. Dr. Foster announced he has contacted Foot Levelers and they expressed some interest in sponsorship, possibly around April. There are various "levels of sponsorship", ranging from $5,000 to $250.

8:15 Old Business Dr. Elrod announced Dr. Heck reportedly has found a company that is willing to offer "group health insurance coverage" with apparently good rates and benefits. Dr. Camp said the DCS will extend an offer for a presentation at our next meeting with a duration of 5 minutes - any person interested in more information is invited to meet with the sales agent after adjournment.

Trent and George stressed that ANY CHIROPRACTOR soon to testify in court contact them - it is of GREAT IMPORTANCE that the first few court cases that occur after SB 2 becomes law, we are PREPARED for challenges to the new law. Scott Chambers reminded members he will be filing a motion with the Supreme Court to review Judge Stokes bench ruling - 3/13/03 due date for filing the brief - there will be a back-and-forth action that is expected to take as much as 90 days. At a previous DCS meeting it was agreed that this action will proceed in addition to the expected signing of SB2 into law by Gov. Minner within days. It was scheduled to occur on Tuesday, 2/18/03 but postponed due to the extreme snowstorm. Dr. Schreppler warned vigilance is still needed in the legislature. Next step might be to "update" scope of practice, also important to support House Speaker Terry Spence fundraiser.

Dr. Stacey Cohen has arranged a DCS sponsored seminar for continuing education credits and the tentative dates are May 17 & 18, 2003 at Del Tech's Stanton campus. We are looking at 9-5 on Saturday at Del Tech and 8-12 or 9-1 at one of Dr. Edell's offices. We will be able to review MRIs and have one done on ourselves if we want. We will have various Docs from the area discussing current medical treatment of spine conditions. We have also asked an attorney to discuss medical - legal aspects of care.

Dr. Serge and Dr. Camp announced Dr. Blossic has taken on the "massage reimbursement denial" situation, but said no further action would be approved by The DCS until Dr. Heck and Dr. Blossic consult with each other and present a plan of action to The DCS.

8:30 New Business Acting as proxy for Dr. Bowen, Dr. Elrod nominated Dr. Camp for "chiropractor of the year". Dr. Schreppler, suggested other nominations be accepted until the next meeting and a vote will be taken then. A information packet from "CBS" about malpractice insurance was supplied by Dr. Bowen, contact his office for more information. Princeton has announced it will no longer insure chiros in Delaware. Next meeting tentatively scheduled for 3/20/03 Thos. Eng. House

8:40 Meeting adjourned

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