DCS Minutes 02/17/09

Bogey's Grill

7:00 – 8:45 p.m. Dr. Dean Depice of TLC 4 superteams gave a 2 C.E. workshop (Decker, Cohen, Elrod, Schellinger, Maday, Swonger, Stoessel, Ennis, Schreiber, Murray, Polaski, Richardson, Briggs, Keener, Riddle, Cheskin, Whelan, Sheehan, Muhoney, and Maas attended)

Call to order 9:02 p.m.

Review of Minutes - approval of January 09 DCS minutes

Treasurer's report
As of 2/17, The new DCS account had an account balance of $3268.57
There is still $1085 in the old account, which will be transferred over after final checks clear. Note: DCS member dues continue to come In on a daily basis.
President’s Report
President Decker attended 2 fundraisers since the January meeting. One for Rep. Cathcart ($300) and one for the House GOP ($100)
Business has been finalized with our lobbyist and our attorney.
There are no fundraisers in February, but they will resume in March. Check DCS website for dates and locations.
We’ve sent a formal letter to Gov. Markell’s office regarding the annual governor’s dinner. There has been no response at this time.
There are 165 licensed chiropractors in the state of DE, as of last night, there were 55 DCS paid members.
Worker’s Comp 9:10 p.m.
Doug Briggs spoke of WC issues. He reiterated that “they” are looking for Drs to make an example of. It is imperative that we follow the guidelines as stated at www.delawareworks.com and to take proper documentation all the time.
ACA – Emily Swonguer
Emily is attending the national ACA conference in D.C. She will be taking students from DE and lobbying to offices of VA, medicare, Tricare, etc. that chiropractic is a low cost healthcare solution. National healthcare and stimulus bill may allow D.C.’s eligible for incentive payment and money for wellness. Lots of money for Medicaid from stimulus package. 1 in 5 people in DE on Medicaid. The PT senate Bill is still a big issue which deals with PT’s giving “mobilizations”.
New Business 9:20
Motion to start the NEW DCSblog. Motion was granted. Please log on and voice your opinion. Elrod and Decker will begin a few threads on the new blog. DCS members are encouraged to express any opinions on blog. Note: any obscene or inappropriate blog comments will be removed. Dr. Ken and Elrod have the ability to remove comments.

Motion to vote on proposed legislation regarding MD/DC relationships postponed until March meeting. Motion granted.

March 2nd any DC’s that have not paid dues will lose all DCS member privileges which include but not limited to removal from website, inability to vote and speak at meetings, and inability to comment on blog.

New DCS/DCSN meeting dates (April 21 and Oct 20). Still looking for one more vendor. Any suggestions contact Julie in Doug Fasick’s office.

9:25 – Andrew Riddle spoke about a BC/BS LMT issue
-massage therapy in chiropractic offices is not a covered service by blue cross. Was told by previous blue cross chiropractic rep that LMT was a covered service. Current rep Tish Anderson told them differently. Now all massage that is billed through chiro office will be denied. Said there are many post-payment audits beginning to start up. Suggests we as a group get together to have BC/BS delineate their guidelines.

NEXT MEETING -- March 24th. Location to be announced soon.

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