DCS Minutes 01/25/05

Thomas England House, Smyrna

Attendees - DCS members; Drs. Bryan Errico, Trent Camp, Michael Elrod, Ray Polaski, George Schreppler, Brian Chandler, Marjorie Mackenzie-Jesse, Todd Richardson, Roger Allen, Adam Maday, Michael Triglia, David Pyne, Gary Morgan, Jim Mahoney, Justin Dietrich, Heather Rooks, Shane Palmer, and legal counsel Scot Chambers.

7:30 meeting was called to order by Brian Chandler. Treasurer report: $xxx.xx PAC fund, $xxxs.xx general fund (report to come from Hal Bowen

DCS Annual Governor's Dinner will be held 2/10/05 Attendance encouraged. Several DCS members attended the Governor's Inauguration. A request to meet and support YOUR legislators was made by George Schreppler and reinforced by Trent Camp. A list of fund raisers is expected to be posted to the website soon. It is important to have "bodies" present at these fund raisers and if you plan to attend, contact George, Trent or Hal (as Treasurer) to obtain some PAC money for disbursement. Bob Powell was re-hired and paid as The DCS Political Lobbyist.

Dr. Triglia will attend The ICA legislative day in Washington D.C. in April and announced The Arnold Classic will be held in March. If you have any concerns you wish voiced, contact Dr. Triglia.

Scot Chambers, as legal counsel, announced he is working with Hal Bowen to resolve lingering tax and accounting issues for The DCS. The DCS has hired a CPA for advice.

Dr. Camp announced no disciplinary issues exist within the state, but encourages each doctor to make sure he has a current license, ultimate responsibility lies with each individual. LIST OF LICENSEES

Dr. Chandler asked for a volunteer as Legislative Watchdog. The following link Delaware General Assembly will allow you to search for keywords within bills that are introduced, but Dr. Camp says a watchdog should be alert to legislation PRIOR to being introduced.

Meeting adjourned, lecture presentation for continuing ed credits began. Dr. Steven Grossinger, D.O. from The Delaware Neurological Center, Wilmington was our guest presenter.

next meeting Tuesday 02/22/05

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