DCS Minutes 01/24/06

Thomas England House, Smyrna

7:30 meeting was called to order by Brian Chandler. Minutes from previous meeting were approved as on website.

DCS elections were held. Brian Chandler was elected President. Emily Swonguer elected Vice-president, Todd Richardson elected Treasurer, and Michael Elrod was elected Secretary.

Legal update was asked for by Chandler, Scott Chambers said worker's comp issues will be prime concern but offered no specifics.

Chandler stated Bob Powell was rehired as Lobbyist ($7k/year) and Scott Chambers was rehired as legal advisor.

Hal Bowen congratulated our new treasurer, briefly discussed long-standing IRS issues have been resolved and offered assurance of his continued work to smooth transfer of accounting responsibilities. George Schreppler was asked about Legislative issues and he said no bills are in session of concern to us. It is a good time to support local legislators. Who's my legislator?

Chandler requested a list of fundraisers be posted, from George or Bob Powell. Stacy Cohen announced a fundraiser by Ins. Commissioner Matt Denn on 3/6 at The ChezDel restaurant. $500 If unable to attend send checks to Chandler who will be attending. George Schreppler announced a lunch tomorrow for Lt. Gov. John Carney, currently running for Governor.

Newly re-elected President of the Board of Chiropractic, Trent Camp strongly advised ALL chiropractors that ALL advertising must include some mention of chiropractic. It's been brought to the attention of the board, some advertising might mislead laypeople they are receiving medical care.

Meeting adjourned. Guest lecture proceeded.

next meeting -- date to be announced

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