DCS Minutes 01/20/04

Thomas England House, Smyrna

Attendees - DCS members; Drs. Bryan Errico, Michael Triglia, Trent Camp, Michael Elrod, Adam Maday, Ray Polaski, Mary Beierschmitt, Andrew Riddle, George Schreppler, Joe Irwin, Lynn Walsh, Brian Chandler, Gary Morgan, Shane Palmer and Ken Ward. DCS legal counsel Scott Chambers was also present.

7:30 meeting was called to order by George Schreppler. Dr. Triglia, treasurer, reported $19,104 in the general fund and $3800 in the PAC fund. Triglia went on to say he was the ICA state rep. Bill Frank's "Forever Young" has an audience of 78 million viwers on The Discovery Channel. He advocates "wellness-care" and is showing chiropractic in a good light. Contact Triglia to learn how to become a sponsor of this television show. C.J. Mertz's book "Health Secrets Revealed will be published 5 times per year. For the opportunity to be a co-author contact Triglia.

The State's Benefit committee met today

Old Business -

Reading and approval of minutes from last meeting.

7:45 Membership dues are due. George pointed out the necessity for monetary support of and "personal-contact" with legislators. George reminded those present that 1/2 membership dues goes to the PAC fund due to the loss of several long-time large money supporters and to allow our lobbyist to attend fund-raisers on our behalf.

Date for Governor's Dinner to be settled soon. George is awaiting the Gov's office and Trent is making the arrangements. We need to support Gov. Minner as well as Republican candidate Bill Lee. Trent announced he will sponsor a fund-raiser for Lee and would like a good showing of chiros -- date to be announced.

Scott Chambers said oral arguments were given to the Supreme Court of Delaware sometime in Dec. -- a decision might be delivered sometime in March. Scott went on to mention that The DCS is known and acknowledged for our legislative efforts as evidenced by complimentary remarks from Reps. Atkins and Schwartzkopf.

New Business

8:00 Shane Palmer asked what legislative efforts were upcoming. George said it was his experience not to introduce legislation in an election year, but better the first year after. Worker's Comp issues are beginning to "heat-up". He also said we must continue to guard against loss of our gains. Vigilance is important. "Any Willing Provider" was raised. Brian Chandler will head the committee to form the wording for legislation. Todd Richardson will assist. Trent advised caution is necessary with this legislation, particularly with regard to fees.

8:40 No Board news was entered. Gary Morgan said things were quiet.

Joe Morgan suggested a "political rep" be assigned from our membership for each county. Shane Palmer for New Castle, Bryan Errico for Kent and Hal Bowen for Sussex were appointed.

Trent Camp asked for names of any suggested speakers for the continuing ed credit lectures be given to him.

8:50 meeting adjourned

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