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Chiropractic has a reputation as a “giving, caring, healthcare profession”. Most chiropractors have been exposed personally to the discrimination the profession has endured since its inception. That discrimination is what The Delaware Chiropractic Society fights against. Our success requires participation from those that benefit from that fight. If you are not concerned with protecting the advancements that have been achieved by your predecessors and being part of the historic continuing improvement and societal acceptance of chiropractic, then we don’t want you.

Chiropractic, as a profession, has achieved an enviable position as healthcare providers in Delaware. The success of its programs, the place it has achieved in health planning, and the growth within the state are due to the active participation of the dedicated members of the Delaware Chiropractic Society (DCS). Membership in the DCS brings with it the pride of past successes and the anticipation of a future complete with new goals and new victories.

Our Society offers seminars to improve the state of chiropractic in Delaware. Programs are designed to educate the doctors in all areas of practice, including technique, orthopedics, x-ray, office management and other areas of interest to the participating doctors.

The Delaware Chiropractic Society is a professional service organization providing a unified voice for all its members. It is dedicated to promoting chiropractic through public awareness, quality post-graduation education seminars, legislative efforts and securing equality in the healthcare arena. These collective efforts assure continued growth of the profession, ultimately improving the overall well-being of Delaware citizens through chiropractic.

The DCS acts as a liaison with all state agencies, insuring that the future of chiropractic in Delaware is as healthy and productive as possible. It is the goal of our Society to see that chiropractic is included in all insurance plans, educational programs, every area of state health planning, and that it is considered in the best possible light as to professionalism and effectiveness.

Aggressive insurance, legislative, and public relations programs designed to educate people about chiropractic, maintain a favorable position for the profession, as well as promote necessary changes for the betterment of chiropractic is what The DCS does.

FREE Membership Directory that contains listings of all DCS members. This is the only statewide directory for DCs in Delaware and it is only available to DCS members.

Frequent communications about The Society’s activities as well as legislative, public relations, HIPPA, Medicare ABNs, personal injury, health insurance and Worker’s Compensation updates.

Let us know about your newsworthy stories and we will promote it as a free membership benefit.
Reduced rates at DCS-sponsored seminars and conventions for continuing education credits needed for annual license renewal.

The DCS employs a lobbyist to represent us in Dover by monitoring legislation that affects our rights as chiropractors, as well as introducing legislation that is determined by our current interest. Our legislation committee works in concert with our lobbyist.

Patient referral from other DCS members, patients move and they need referrals.

Political / legislative clout locally, statewide and nationally.

Peer support and interaction.

Liaison with National Associations and surrounding State Associations.

Dissemination of information amongst fellow members, via e-mail and FAX.

Free classified advertising on The DCS website.

Free listing of Doctor’s name, office address and phone number on The DCS website.